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What is the oriculi? It is an ecological cotton swab in bamboo. This instrument would come from Japan and China, where it is used by the entire population.   What are the expected results? This eco ear cleaner replaces ears cotton buds for life!It can reduce waste and save money.This is good for health because it prevents the formation of…

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Coconut oil on a bamboo mat


What is the oil pulling?  The oil pulling is an ancient remedy used in Ayurveda medicine , which aims to promote oral health by removing toxins and bacteria , improving the health of the gums , whitening teeth and freshening breath. What are the expected results? Mainly that improves the overall condition of the mouth eliminating germs that are part of…

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I inaugurate this category with a beautiful original place I like to visit when I am in Paris. BAZARTHERAPY is a kind of Aladdin’s cave of decoration and gift. In the heart of the 10th arrondissement in Beaurepaire street just two steps from the Republique Square is this shop where « bazaar » is a therapy as the name suggests. Many of…

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Promises are made to be kept! This is the first recipe I offer you very simple and easy to do. For this you will need to bring along manufacturing equipment for 3,38fl oz of shampoo: – A bowl – A mini whip – A precision scale 0,01gr – A mini funnel (optional) – a bottle of 3,38fl oz capacity (recycled…

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