Promises are made to be kept! This is the first recipe I offer you very simple and easy to do. For this you will need to bring along manufacturing equipment for 3,38fl oz of shampoo:

  • – A bowl
  • – A mini whip
  • – A precision scale 0,01gr
  • – A mini funnel (optional)
  • – a bottle of 3,38fl oz capacity (recycled or not, it is up to you)

As regards the ingredients:

And here is the recipe:

  • – 3,53oz organic neutral shampoo base
  • – 60 drops of cosmetic asset Honeyquat
  • – 83 drops of cosmetic asset rice protein (liquid)
  • – 0,09 fl oz of natural aromatic extract of Nougat (optional)

Before to start you have to know that you must be extremely vigilant about the cleanliness of your hands, your work plan and the equipment you use.

You should always wash your hands and wear latex gloves that you will pass under 90º alcohols beforehand and let it dry in the open air.

Same thing for your equipment, you can sterilize your glassware and aluminum objects dipping them 10 good minutes in boiling water.

For all that your PET plastic object, wash them properly and go under 90º alcohols and dry them in the open air on a clean clothe.

Regarding manufacturing, it is simple:

Pour the shampoo base in the bowl and add the other ingredients one by one, mixing with your mini whip between each addition. Pour into your bottle and close it and voila!

Always label your mix with ingredients and date of manufacture.

The result:

I am a fan! The texture of the shampoo is between the gel and the texture of a supermarket shampoo. The smell of nougat disappears quite quickly, which is absolutely not a problem, next time I would try a different natural flavor or essential oil. Generally organic shampoos do not foam enormously but personally I found enough foam to wash my hair (which is by the way its main function). I am blown away by the result: my hair is tangled (I have half-long hair, thin and smooth), super bright and it takes much more time tan usual to be greasy! I highly recommend this recipe I found on AROMA-ZONE

Cost for a 3,38fl oz bottle: $3,44

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