Coconut oil on a bamboo mat


What is the oil pulling?  The oil pulling is an ancient remedy used in Ayurveda medicine , which aims to promote oral health by removing toxins and bacteria , improving the health of the gums , whitening teeth and freshening breath.

What are the expected results?

Mainly that improves the overall condition of the mouth eliminating germs that are part of the bacterial plaque. Other benefits of oil pulling include strengthening general of teeth, gums and jaw, that prevent diseases that affect gums and mouth, prevent bad breath, it is a great remedy for gum bleeding and a natural teeth whitener. 100% natural and organic.

How it works?

Personally I use the extra virgin organic coconut oil. Every morning on an empty stomach I take a teaspoon of coconut oil and spend the oil between my teeth with my tongue for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, I spit the liquid formed with my saliva into the trash or into the toilet (never in the sink to avoid clogging the pipes). I rinse my mouth with warm water before eating breakfast.

What are the real results?

After almost a year of practice of oil pulling every morning fasting I can say that:

  • I have the jaw muscles stronger, at the beginning I had pain after 20 minutes, now I don not even notice it!
  • My gums do not bleed anymore when I brush my teeth
  • Clearly my teeth shine brighter and have a healthier appearance
  • I still have sometimes nausea when I spit but that it must be psychological..
  • Regarding the breath I ‘ll ask to my boyfriend 😉

Overall I highly recommend it and personally I will continue to practice it!





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