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It is so simple that I wonder why I did not do it often at all before! Today I want to talk to you about foot baths. Easy to do and so effective, here are some foot baths récipes to achieve according to your expected results and especially the reasons that push you to need them. After a long day…

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The great forgotten of the moment and especially in winter are our dear little feet! They endure a lot by bearing all our weight and sometimes demand a little attention. This is the case with my feet, which in winter tend to dry enormously especially at the heel. So I did some research to concoct this FEET CORNS FLUID For…

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Here is a great discovery! Let me introduce you to EGYPTIAN MAGIC cream. So yes, this photo is not my product because as I travel a lot I have to tell you that all the letters were literally erased from my pot! Ok..there you go the picture…   Well, back to what is interesting: What is Egyptian Magic? It is…

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It is thanks to a beautiful meeting in Marrakech that I had the chance to know the shop/concept TERRE D’ÉVEIL. TERRE DÉVEIL looks after the welfare of humans and the planet sharing the magic of the intelligent cosmetics. According to Rachid Jafaari, the master of the place: “The cosmetic becomes a way to harmonize the body and the mind because…

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