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As the natural is not only used for cosmetics, today I wanted to introduce a recipe for home ! For my delicate linen I try to avoid as much as possible to put it in the washing machine. So I told to myself that I would replace my usual detergent by another that I would have made myself, which is so…

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Today I take you to France and more precisely to Arcangues, a wonderful place on the French Basque coast. It was down there that I knew a practice that it was totally unknown for me before thanks to Laurence Sanchez. Laurence Sanchez is certified in the Gyrotonic Expansion System, a stretching-based muscle building technique based on stretching that originates from…

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After the shampoo, as I had mid long hair but very thin and therefore easily tangled, I wanted to make my own conditioner and here is the recipe that seemed to me the simplest to make. To do this you will need: – A precision balance – A mini funnel – A bottle to contain the conditioner Regarding the ingredients:…

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