And if instead of using so many chemicals and expensive products to clean our house we used a single multi-purpose?
I will help you not to think too much about it by introducing you to the CLAY STONE!

CLAY STONE is a multi purpose cleaner for hard and washable with water surfaces. It does not contain chemicals and its action is effective even with cold water!

And what does it wash?

– The bathroom: the bath, the shower, the sink and even the tiles
– The kitchen: stainless steel sink, gas stove or ceramic hob, oven and worktop. What is good is that it eliminates grease almost effortlessly!
– Metals: cutlery, some jewels ..

What benefits does it have?

– It is anti-scale and antiseptic
– It is degreasing
– It polishes: with its soft abrasive action and without scratching
– It effectively cleans the surfaces
– It protects and shines the cleaned surfaces
– It is economical
– It does not hurt the skin
– It is ecological
– It has a shelf life almost unlimited: it is a dry product, once used it must be allowed to dry in the open air before closing it, it will retain its properties for a long time!

You will need:

– Precision balance
– A glass salad bowl for mixing
– A wooden spoon to mix (it is important that it is wooden when working with clays)
– A wide glass container with lid to keep it

As for the ingredients:

– White powdered clay: It is a slightly abrasive agent that absorbs grease and is antiseptic
Baking soda: it is anti odor, it is a slightly abrasive and antimicrobial agent
Liquid organic black soap: It is a powerful anti-stain, powerful degreaser and very soft for the skin
Lemon essential oil: It is purifying, it has tonic and purifying properties, fine and fruity smell

Here is the recipe for 6,76 floz of product:

2,99oz of white clay
2,12oz of liquid organic black soap
2,12oz of baking soda
35 drops of lemon essential oil

When you use an essential oil for the first time, made a prior allergy test in the crease of your elbow and in 48 hours you will be set!

Before to start you have to know that you must be extremely vigilant about the cleanliness of your hands, your work plan and the equipment you use.

You should always wash your hands and wear latex gloves that you will pass under 90º alcohols beforehand and let it dry in the open air.

Same thing for your equipment, you can sterilize your glassware and aluminum objects dipping them 10 good minutes in boiling water.

For all that your PET plastic object, wash them properly and go under 90º alcohols and dry them in the open air on a clean clothe.

Mix the clay, black soap and baking soda until you get a hard dough to work (keep going!). Once the dough has been prepared, add the lemon essential oil.
Pour your dough into its glass container and let it air dry for one to two weeks.
The product must be hard as a stone (hence its name of clay stone ..)

Once completely dry, to wash any surface, take a small amount of product by rubbing a wet sponge directly on the stone. Wash your area, rinse lightly with water. For an even more convincing result, dry the cleaned area with a microfiber cloth for even more intense shine.

Once the product is used, let it air dry before putting the lid on. If you are careful to let it dry after every use, your stone will last for months before wearing out completely!

Price for 6,76floz: $4,25

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