If there is a product that should be in every home it is this one!


I want to talk about baking soda for a food use, as there are 3 kinds in total.

So, baking soda:

  • – Is not harmful to health (it does not cause allergies, it is edible and non-toxic)
  • -It is biodegradable
  • – It contains no preservatives
  • – It is economical

Technical type baking soda :

The purity of this baking soda does not allow it to be used for human consumption but it is quite suitable for DIY, housekeeping, cleaning and gardening.

Pharmaceutical type baking soda :

The quality of this baking soda allows to use it safely for cooking, cleaning and body care

And regarding its multiple use, here are some examples:

  • – It whitens teeth and refreshes the breath (I recommend to use it once a week, not more to avoid to scratch the tooth enamel)
  • – It disinfects (gargled daily, there is no risk!)
  • – It relieves mouth ulcers and gum
  • – It is perfect as dry shampoo (once again, no more than once a week)
  • – It has a relaxing effect in the bath (diluted in the bath water, it also moisturizes the skin)
  • – It is a safe deodorant (while applying underarm skin is still damp)
  • – It eliminates odors (to be applied directly on the shoes or foot baths)
  • – It is effective against fungal infections (you can sprinkle your feet before putting on your socks, it will absorb moisture throughout the day)
  • – It relieves heartburn (diluted in a glass of water by drinking it slowly)
  • – This is a great cleanser (as softener in washing, to scrub the oven or the bath, to deodorize carpets..etc.)

And the list goes on!

I also use it in the ashtrays of Mr. YOUSHOULDRINKMOREWATER to absorb the smell of tobacco that I do not appreciate at all…




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