We all know the benefits of sauna but unless you live in Finland, many of us do not have the chance to have it at home.

But did you know the FACIAL SAUNA?

As the name suggests iti is a specific sauna for a part of our body: the face.

There are several methods to have a facial sauna:

– The simplest and rudimentary method is to put hot water in a large bowl and position the face above making sure to cover your head with a towel to avoid any loss of steam.

– Other more sophisticated methods have been developed in those recent years such as the device that reproduces facial steam such as VISASAUNA PRO (which is the one I use regularly).
What are the benefits of the facial sauna?

Its first advantage is that it works deeply with the skin, releasing it of all toxins thanks to the excessive perspiration that emerges form the pores.

Combined with essential oils and herbs, a sauna session can quickly turn into a repairing treatment for the facial epidermis, allowing not only detoxify the skin of all its impurities, but also to inlay the virtues of each essential oil used in the lower layers of the skin

In this way, the heat produced by the steam tends to dilate the blood vessels, which has the effect of sognicantly improving blood circulation, especially at the subcutaneous level.

Result: A skin more able to absorb the active ingredients that you will receive after the session of sauna such as the express spirulina mask.

What is the recommend frequency?

Personnally I try to achieve it every 15 days because I have reactive and sensitive skin but for normal and oily skin, I recommen once a week.


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