It is with great pleasure that I tell you about my last discovery (and yes, we learn every day) THE GINSENG.


So, above all, what is it?


It is a medicinal plant of great renown in Asia.

Chinese doctors view Asian ginseng as a tonic of Qi, the source of “life energy”.


What are the benefits of this plant:


– Stimulate the immune system

– Treat Erectile Dysfunction

– Treat type 2 diabetes

– Stimulate memory

– Improve physical performance

– Promote general well-being

– Relieve the symptoms of menopause

– Toning the body

– Restore the capacity for physical work and intellectual concentration

– Helping convalescents to regain strength


For my part I consume in the form of drops at a rate of 40 drops per day mixed with a large glass of water because the taste is quite strong. 20 drops in the morning on an empty stomach and 20 drops after eating at noon to avoid the slight blow of fatigue of digestion.


Well, you see, I’m delighted! I actually note the tonic effect of ginseng that gives a little mental and physical boost without the downside effect of coffee! I consume it especially during periods of intense work and it works great!

Mine comes from the shop Mordan is a concentrate of ginseng very powerful that I take everywhere with me on a trip! I strongly recommend its use or at least the test in the form of cure.

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