Here is a product that has become indispensable in my life especially since I use oils more and more frequently!

I want to talk about the TERRES OF SOMMIÈRES.


Quite unknown to the general public, the TERRE OF SOMMIÈRES is a 100% natural product because it is clay from the village of Sommières near Montpellier, in France.

It is an ultra natural stain remover that removes the absorption of grease stains such as oil, butter or makeup, on delicate fabrics, floors and furniture.

In addition it is very cheap! Count $3,87 for 14,11oz roughly according to the brands.


What to clean with:

  • – Fats
  • – Urine


It can be used on:

  • – Clothes
  • – The leather
  • – Furnishing fabrics
  • – The grounds
  • – The walls
  • – Wooden furniture


Its use is very simple: Sprinkle directly from the TERRE OF SOMMIÈRE on your task leaving it minimum 2 hours and ideally a whole night.

If it is a garment, then remove the excess by brushing a bit and hop directly to the washing machine.

If it is a carpet, remove the excess and brush the task to vacuum right after.


His results are impressive! Since it is one of my favorite household products!




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