I absolutely wanted to talk to you about a vegetable oil that I knew two years ago and which fascinates me and that I use daily in cutaneous application:


The vegetable oil of Macadamia.


It comes from a tree Macadamier whose name is a tribute to the Australian botanist John Macadam.

Originally from northeastern Australia, this nut is very nutritious and contains a significant amount of protein.

Currently this oil is grown in Australia, Guatemala, Bolivia, Kenya, Hawaii, California, Costa Rica, Thailand and South Africa.


Its color is slightly yellow and its smell is very discreet clean smell of nuts.

This oil is a perfect base for the massage because its “dry” texture makes that the skin absorbs it quickly.


This oil is:


  • – Emollient
  • – Antioxidant
  • – Nourishing
  • – Softener
  • – Regenerating
  • – Restructuring
  • – Softening
  • – Soothing cutaneous


In cosmetics it is perfect for different types of use such as:


  • – Fight acne
  • – Fight the climatic aggressions
  • – For colored or damaged hair
  • – For light scars
  • – For dry or irritated scalp
  • – For make-up removal
  • – After hair removal
  • – As after sun
  • – In prevention of brown spots


And the list is still long!


For my part I use it as a makeup remover.

This oil is perfect to gently remove all traces of makeup without attacking my skin or stripping. What I like the most is that it actually has a dry texture that does not leave the face all oily.

You’ll understand: I love my macadamia oil!








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