It is said that by planting Moringa trees, we could eradicate hunger in the world!

I will explain why this plant has this reputation.
Failing to plant a tree, I tested for you the moringa and I tell you everything:

In the Moringa tree one can use its leaves, roots, flowers and seeds.
It is a tree that is rich in nutrients and antioxidants.
It is from India.

This plant has a great nutritional value:

– 7 times more vitamin C than orange
– 4 times more vitamin A than carrots
– 3 times more calcium than cow’s milk
– 3 times more iron than spinach
– 3 times more potassium than banana
– It is rich in iron, beta carotene, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, vitamins B and E

And its properties and benefits are innumerable, here are some:

– It increases the energy of the body
– It can relieve mild pain
– It stimulates the immune system
– It can regulate insomnia or anxiety
– It fights anemia
– It improves breast milk
– It stimulates cellular metabolism
– It can help hair regrowth
– It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties
– Its seeds have a strong antibacterial power
– It can help strengthen muscles and bones
… etc.

I consume powder from PUR YA brand that I add to all my morning fruit smoothies.
Although it is true that I have not noticed much, I consume it for only a week daily, cons I noticed that now I’m no longer hungry after my smoothie while before he’s me greatly opened the appetite!

I will continue to consume it to see the effects that could be and I tell you!



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