With Fatoo a Métis friend we had a recent conversation about sunscreens and their big controversies about their ingredients and their impact on the planet.


I promised to look into the issue and find a solution to this debate. This is how I made this SOLAR OIL FOR DARK SKIN.

I am not Métis but I have dark skin so I naturally tested this super oil, which here are the ingredients and the recipe:


For the material you will need:


  • – A small beaker


  • – A glass-type airless container, recycled or not


Regarding the ingredients:


Karanja vegetable oil: It has insecticidal properties. It is very effective anti-aging treatment and UV protective oil.

Carrot vegetable oil: Antioxidant, it neutralizes free radicals and fight against skin aging. It participates in cellular regeneration and prepares the skin for tanning.

Vegetable oil of Buriti: It favors the tanning and prolongs its effects. It moisturizes and protects against aging.

Vitamin E: Natural anti-aging that helps preserves vegetable oils and butters from rancidity. It is an excellent anti-aging active.


And here is the recipe for 2,03floz:


1,35floz of vegetable oil of Karanja

0,34floz of carrot vegetable oil

0,20floz of Buruti vegetable oil

4 drops of Vitamin E


Before to start you have to know that you must be extremely vigilant about the cleanliness of your hands, your work plan and the equipment you use.

You should always wash your hands and wear latex gloves that you will pass under 90º alcohols beforehand and let it dry in the open air.

Same thing for your equipment, you can sterilize your glassware and aluminum objects dipping them 10 good minutes in boiling water.

For all that your PET plastic object, wash them properly and go under 90º alcohols and dry them in the open air on a clean clothe.


The recipe is very simple! Just measure all the ingredients and introduce them directly into the container provided for this purpose.


I said before that this oil is rather intended for the dull because it must be that dice the application, the skin becomes a little more orange although this effect disappears very quickly when the skin absorbs the mixture.


Also be careful during the application not to wear white or light clothing because before the skin absorbs it, it is a Little bit staining.


As for the results: I am more than happy! It needs very little sun to immediately have a healthy and unified effect. It also requires very little amount of product because the oil can cover a very large part of the face and body.


If you are concerned about the environment and protection of coral reefs, this oil is perfect for you!


Price for 2,03floz: $7,40







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