Let me tell you about my latest discovery in wellness and body care.
For a few months now I practice daily DRY BRUSHING and I’m completely hooked!

What is dry brushing?

The dry brushing of the skin is an extremely simple technique that consists of brushing the skin of our body (when it is completely dry) with a brush with natural bristles (mine comes from Anaé)

Yes, but what are the benefits?

Before I talk about the benefits, did you know that the skin is the largest organ of eliminations of the body?
It will support the kidneys and liver (main elimination organs) by eliminating the acids and phlegm, when they are overwhelmed. The skin will help them, thanks to perspiration.

Here for your guidance! Now when it comes to profits, DRY BRUSHING allows:

– Unclog the pores (outlets of toxins)
– Stimulate the release of toxins
– Stimulate the nervous system
– Stimulate blood circulation (perfect for cold feet, heavy legs or varicose veins)
– Stimulate the lymphatic system (the lymphatic circulation is very slow because there is no pump (equivalent to the heart with the blood) to propel the lymph)
– Stimulate the immune system
– Exfoliate dead skin
– It improves the toning of tissues and distributes fat (goodbye to cellulite!)
– It softens the skin (excellent scrub of the skin)
– It energizes the whole body

Here for the benefits but if you do not understand everything here is how it improves your daily because:

– It reduces back, neck or head pain (and even migraines)
– It reduces inflammations, body aches, heavy legs
– It relieves the body by detoxifying it
– It reduces skin problems, pimples, acne
– It effectively reduces the effect of orange peel (cellulite)
– It eliminates temperature problems: too hot / too cold
– It promotes falling asleep and fights against problems of insomnia

Well, that makes you want to try it?
If so, here’s how:
– First, check that your skin is dry (wet or damp skin could irritate the skin).
– For your dry brushing session which will last between 5 and 10 minutes, place yourself in a place neither too hot nor too cold because you will be completely naked!
– The goal is lymphatic stimulation, brushing can not be done in any way (here below an explanatory diagram of the gestures to adopt, I also include this video in English which also helps to know how to proceed).


For my part I start with the feet always going from bottom to top.
In small circles I go from toe to heel. Then ankles to the knees.
I continue up each leg, towards the folds of the groin (where the first area of lymph nodes is located).
I brush each buttock by bringing the whole to the folds of the groin.
Same with the area of the lower belly, under the navel towards the folds of the groin.
From the navel I bring the whole to another area of lymphatic ganglia located under the armpits.
For the arms I start with the fingertips and I brush all the way to the shoulders and armpits.
For the back, refer to the diagram (I do everything like this!)

The first time the skin will blush and the feeling on the moment can even be a little unpleasant if you have particularly sensitive skin.
Once brushed go in the shower to remove residues with water, soap is not necessary!
I use it just for my private parts and my face but not any more for the rest of the body!

From the first use the sensation is unique: the body is vigorified and a great feeling of well being invades me.
I practice it in the morning when I wake up before going in the shower, but I sometimes do it in the evening before sleeping to relax completely.

Since I brush regularly I do not have dry skin at all, it is naturally soft, the skin texture is refined, the skin is more toned and the orange peel fades gradually!
The sensation is so nice at the end of the brushing that I always travel with it.

What an happiness!

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