I think you already know my obsession with smells and even more for good smells!

It is quite by chance that I discovered the perfume concept BON PARFUMEUR

Attracted first of all by its clean and minimal aesthetics, it is especially its smell and its concept, which made me crack.

BON PARFUMEUR is a range of fragrances that allows everyone to be perfumed at the whim of his desires, changing perfume as shirts and without breaking the bank!


The Brand proposes a principle of mix and match which consists of mixing several perfumes to obtain a new and unique agreement:


Three numbers designate the perfumes.


The first indicates its olfactory range:


– Those starting with 1 are form the FLORAL family

– Those starting with 2 are from the FRUIT family

– Those starting with 3 are from the AMBRA family…


And so on until 9.


Each range has a number and a color.


The other two numbers correspond to their rank in the family as well as 3 main notes that compose it.

For example, the perfume 101 corresponds to the floral family and its three main notes: rose, sweet pea and patchouli.


I invite you to discover their web page and their 18 fragrances that will surely convince you more tan me!


The most of these perfumes:


– These three formats available: 30ml, 50ml and 100ml

– For those who are undecided, the Brand offers triangles and cubes respectively of three to four samples of 2,5ml

– Its Green side: reusable bottles to fill with perfume fountains!




I choose the fragrance 001 with the main notes of orange blossom, petit grain and bergamot in a 30ml format that will allow me to mix with other products of the Brand, totally in love!








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