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It has been a long time that I did not offer you one of my express recipes.
For the new ones on my site the Express recipes are those which are realized on the moment and do not need conservation.

Today I present you the recipe of AYURVEDIC ILLUMINATOR MASK.

For the material you will need:

– A precision balance
– A bowl for mixing
– A beaker for measuring oils
– An applicator brush for facial mask

As for the ingredients:

Brahmi powder: It is toning and soothing. It balances the skin while having an anti-aging action
Oily macerate of Bellis: It is tensor and restores the firmness to the skin. It promotes tissue tone and is ideal for delicate skin for its soothing and restorative effects
Essential Oil of Egyptian Geranium: It is astringent, healing, tonic and moisturizes, soothes and sanitizes all skin, dry or oily.
Essential oil of Cista Ladanifère: It has excellent anti-wrinkle properties, it is firming and astringent and refines the contour of the face

And here is the recipe for a mask:

– 1 tablespoon of Brahmi powder
– 2 tablespoons oily macerate of Bellis
– 2 drops of Egyptian Geranium essential oil
– 2 drops of essential oil of Ciste Lanifère

When you use an essential oil for the first time, made a prior allergy test in the crease of your elbow and in 48 hours you will be set!

Before to start you have to know that you must be extremely vigilant about the cleanliness of your hands, your work plan and the equipment you use.

You should always wash your hands and wear latex gloves that you will pass under 90º alcohols beforehand and let it dry in the open air.

Same thing for your equipment, you can sterilize your glassware and aluminum objects dipping them 10 good minutes in boiling water.

For all that your PET plastic object, wash them properly and go under 90º alcohols and dry them in the open air on a clean clothe.

Measure all your ingredients one by one and add them to your bowl.
Stir well until smooth and lump-free.
Apply your mask on a clean and dry skin not forgetting the neck!
Leave the mask on and rinse your face before the mask dries completely on your face.

The illuminating effect is immediate! The skin is clean and smooth from the first use.

For my part I do this mask once a month because my skin is rather sensitive and every time I am delighted!

Price of this mask: $2,19





















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