I think it is no longer a surprise for those who consult my instagram to say that I like to eat and well!
That’s why as soon as I have the opportunity and especially during my travels I always look for the rare pearl at the gastronomic level.
And it was during a trip to Huesca in Spain that I came across TATAU BISTRO.

TATAU loves black color, tattoos, pinups and rockabilly deco.
When you enter, charming hostesses, all dressed in black, greet you kindly and accompany you to sit down.
There are two options for both lunch and dinner: at a table, the classic option or in bar the less conventional option and I personally like a lot more.

So it was at the bar of this unusual place that I sat and that I was presented the menu.
On the menu there is a whole collection of delicious tapas, each of which is either individual or shared.
When the waitress brings you the dish she explains in detail the often surprising ingredients.

Without going into too much detail because the menu changes from time to time I can tell you that the cuisine is refined, surprising, beautiful mixes of seafood and land products extremely well cooked, all served in a table service impeccable and original .

Here is the pic of one of the dishes that I liked the most: The scallop shell XL, and his “papada” (play word with potato and doubled chin) with celery.


In short, a real discovery which received in 2018 a famous Michelin star.
If this is not a guarantee of quality!

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