I am quite a fan of ambitious and creative projects in general.
Different crowfounding platforms that I consult allow everyone to have access to them.
I had previously bet on a product of Chinese students THE INFINITY PILLOW.
This time I present you a product that comes from Australia: THE VERY GOOD BRA.

As you can see in the photo, it’s a bra but not a regular bra: the first zero-waste bra!

On average a woman has 9 bra in her closet and at the end of life, they inevitably end up in the trash. I let you do the calculation of tons of waste that represents!

After many years of research Stephanie Devine has created a bra made from sustainably grown organic rubber and cotton, organic sewing threads, organic inks, all in fully compostable packaging and Tencel.

In short, the first fully compostable bra!

I leave you here the link of his web page.

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