I have just returned from a business trip to New Zealand which is really good because it was summer there in the middle of January-February…

As much to say that I returned to Europe with a very healthy appaerence! ☺

In order to try to keep as much as possible my summer tan I created this:

For this, I admit that I took the rest of some vegetable oils before buying others.

For the material you will need:

– A precision balance
– A recycled bottle or not to put your milk

Regarding the ingredients:

Jojoba vegetable oil: It is the perfect oil for dry, very dry and dehydrated skin. It has a nourishing, protective, re-balancing and softening action
Avocado vegetable oil: It has softening and healing properties, it also fights skin aging
Carrot vegetable oil: It unifies, gives radiance and brings a good-looking effect to the skin
– Coconut vegetable oil: It is very nourishing and helps to fight against dehydration
Vegetable glycerin: It is moisturizing: it attracts water and helps maintain the water content of the epidermis and prolongs the skin’s moisture content
Orange blossom water: It has calming properties and reduces anxiety
Mandarin essential oil: Its smell brings a feeling of comfort
Beeswax: It allows to thicken and increase the film forming power of the preparation

And here is the recipe for 6,34 fl oz:

2,11 fl oz of Jojoba vegetable oil

0,11 fl oz of avocado vegetable oil
0,60 fl oz of carrot vegetable oil
2,82 fl oz of coconut vegetable oil
2 tablespoons vegetable glycerin
2 tablespoons orange blossom water
6 drops of tangerine essential oil
1 tablespoon of beeswax

When you use an essential oil for the first time, do an allergy test first in the fold of your elbow and in 48 hours you will be fixed!
Before you begin know that you must be extremely vigilant about the cleanliness of your hands, your work plan and the equipment you use.
I advise you to always wash your hands and to wear latex gloves that you will pass under alcohol at 90º beforehand and let it dry in the open air.
Same for your equipment, you can sterilize your glass and aluminum material by immersing it for 10 minutes in boiling water. For anything that is plastic PET wash it well and pass it under 90º alcohol and let it air dry on a clean cloth.
I start by bathing the beeswax with all the vegetable oils.
When the preparation is completely liquid I add glycerin, orange blossom water and tangerine essential oil, stirring everything off.
Once the preparation well mixed I pour all in my bottle provided for this purpose.

I prefer to use a bottle because once cold the preparation will go from a completely liquid state to a denser texture closer to a milk.

I apply it at the exit of my shower and not only this milk moisturizes intensely but its smell is divine and gives a good boost to my dry skin!

Price for 6,34 fl oz: $11,66

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