I stop the toilet paper!

Yes, you read that right! Since a few months I stopped using toilet paper.
I’m putting this article in GOOD FOR YOU but it’s also GOOD FOR THE PLANET.

It had been a while since the use of toilet paper in the bathroom was bothering me. For several reasons: the origin of toilet paper (wood), its bleaching (chemicals), its effect on the skin (friction, irritation) and especially its wastage.
In short, I rely more and more on my feelings and my desires and so I looked for alternatives.
There are several and all are very valid but I would like to talk to you about the one I chose.

This is the alternative toilet paper kit from Cheeky Wipes.
This kit includes:

– 25 organic cotton wipes 15x15cm
– A hermetic box for clean wipes
– A hermetic box for dirty wipes
– A washing net for washing machine
– A bottle of tea tree essential oil
– A bottle of tangerine essential oil

Its principle is simple:

In the hermetic box for clean wipes, pour clean water and 4 to 5 drops of Mandarin Essential Oil.
When you go to the bathroom, soak one of the wipes in this solution before you clean.
Once properly cleaned, put your wipe in the sealed box for dirty wipes that has been filled beforehand with water and between 4 to 5 drops of tea tree essential oil.
And There you go !
Personally and it obviously depends on your passage to the bathroom, twice a week I put my dirty wipes in their washing net and I wash them in a machine at least 40º.
Once a month I wash them at 60º.

My opinion on this method: I just love it!
No more irritation, wipes are very soft to the skin and tangerine essential oil has antiseptic and antifungal properties.
I do not spend any more on toilet paper and I use clothes washing machines to put my wipes in their net.
The wipes wash almost to infinity and emerge without any trace!
Obviously, you can adopt this method without going through the kit and you make it yourself.
It’s simple, economical, respectful for your skin and the environment.


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