Today I wanted to talk to you about a homemade oil that I use as a serum that I concocted a few months ago and that I adore, baptized: YOUTH OIL.


So first of all what is a serum for?


A serum is a fluid texture product, more concentrated in active ingredients than an ordinary care for enhanced effectiveness.

The serum proves to be a precious help to solve epidermal problems and treat a targeted area or a specific problem.


In the case of my YOUTH OIL I was looking for a product to treat the appearance of wrinkles, very good hydration and which would promote firmness.


For the material you will need:


– A tinted glass container with a dropper of minimum 1,23 floz

– A bowl for mixing

– A small whip

– A precision balance


Regarding the ingredients:


Argan vegetable oil: Allows better elasticity and better suppleness of the skin. It is antioxidant, healing and anti-aging

– Jojoba vegetable oil: It is the perfect oil for dry, very dry and dehydrated skin. It has a nourishing, protective, rebalancing and softening action

Sea buckthorn vegetable oil: It plays an important role on the collagen and elastin of the skin. It slows down the aging process and helps to restructure the epidermis

Ladaniferous Cistus essential oil: It has excellent anti-wrinkle properties, it is firming and astringent and refines the face contour

Petit-Grain essential oil: It is a skin tonic that regulates the secretion of sebum and heals the skin

Rosewood essential oil: It is anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, astringent tonic, skin regenerator and circulatory tonic

Vitamin E: Natural anti-aging which helps preserve vegetable oils and butters from going rancid. It is an excellent anti-aging active.


And here is the recipe for 1,23 floz:


0,53 floz Argan Vegetable oil

0,53 floz Jojoba Vegetable oil

0,09 floz of sea buckthorn

6 drops of Cistus Ladanifera essential oil

6 drops of Petit-Grain essential oil

6 drops of Rosewood essential oil

5 drops of Vitamin E


When you use an essential oil for the first time, do an allergy test first in the fold of your elbow and in 48 hours you will be fixed!
Before you begin know that you must be extremely vigilant about the cleanliness of your hands, your work plan and the equipment you use.
I advise you to always wash your hands and to wear latex gloves that you will pass under alcohol at 90º beforehand and let it dry in the open air.
Same for your equipment, you can sterilize your glass and aluminum material by immersing it for 10 minutes in boiling water. For anything that is plastic PET wash it well and pass it under 90º alcohol and let it air dry on a clean cloth.


Weigh the ingredients one by one and mix them in the bowl provided.

Pour everything into your tinted glass container and let this mixture sit for at least 24 hours.

After 24 hours you can use it!

Personally I prefer to use it at the rate of 5 drops, in the evening before going to bed so that the skin at rest absorbs all the ingredients well without stress, pollution or light.

In addition, the sea buckthorn vegetable oil is a little bit tinted even if the color disappears quickly once applied to the skin.

The result was not too long to wait since after the 3rd day I woke up with a much more relaxed skin, tighter pores and a fresh glow as soon as I woke up!

It is a serum that I enjoy using because it is very simple to make and has pleasant smells even for going to bed!


Price for 1,23 floz: $ 7,61



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