A while ago I noticed that the nail on my big toe was not growing like it used to be and that it had a strange golden color.

After doing some research, I realized that I had an Omychomycosis.

From what I had read, this one was mild and I figured that instead of going for a chemical remedy I was going to try a natural remedy and wait for the results.

And Bingo! After a few months my fungus has diminished and my nail has grown brand new since!


It is therefore with great pleasure and pride that I share with you my ANTI-MYCOSIS TREATMENT.

Made of:

Calophylle vegetable oil: it is healing, skin regenerating, venous circulatory, anti-inflammatory.

Lavender essential oil: it is healing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic.

Tea Tree essential oil: it has antifungal and antibacterial properties and demonstrates its effectiveness in the care of chronic wounds with resistant germs

Laurel essential oil: it is anticoagulant, antiputrid and blood thinner


For 0,35fl oz of product you will need:


– A tinted glass container with a dropper

– A bowl for mixing

– A small whip

– A precision scale


And here is the recipe:


0,07 fl oz of calophyllum vegetable oil

0,07 fl oz of lavender essential oil

0,11 fl oz of tea tree essential oil

0,11 fl oz of bay leaf essential oil


When using an essential oil for the first time, do an allergy test in the crease of your elbow beforehand and in 48 hours you will be set!

Before you start, know that you must be extremely vigilant about the cleanliness of your hands, your countertop and the equipment you use.

I advise you to always wash your hands and wear latex gloves that you will have to pass under 90 ° alcohol beforehand and let dry in the open air.

The same goes for your equipment, you can sterilize your glass and aluminum equipment by immersing it for a good 10 minutes in boiling water. For all that is made of PET plastic, wash it well and run it under 90 ° alcohol and allow to air dry on a clean cloth.


Weigh the ingredients and mix them in a bowl before pouring them into your stained glass bottle.

Apply to your fungal infection directly 2 drops per day after showering. It is important that your feet are clean and dry before application.

It took me few months to overcome it, but I was able to see the results little by little and without the need for chemicals!

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