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Due to the current situation which affects practically the whole world, I wanted particularly to write this paper to share my humble opinion on how to protect ourselves from such a virus. First of all, you have to know that to get sick from this pandemic you have to complete three scenarios: – The first and most important is the…

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I stop the toilet paper!

Yes, you read that right! Since a few months I stopped using toilet paper. I’m putting this article in GOOD FOR YOU but it’s also GOOD FOR THE PLANET. It had been a while since the use of toilet paper in the bathroom was bothering me. For several reasons: the origin of toilet paper (wood), its bleaching (chemicals), its effect…

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It for some this has no secrets, for my part I discovered very recently ECOSIA.   What is Ecosia?   It is a German ecological search engine partner of Yahoo, Bing and WWF (World Wilde Fund For Nature). It Works like any search engine except that it pays 80% of its advertising revenue to a WWF project to protect the…

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Let me tell you about my latest discovery in wellness and body care. For a few months now I practice daily DRY BRUSHING and I’m completely hooked! What is dry brushing? The dry brushing of the skin is an extremely simple technique that consists of brushing the skin of our body (when it is completely dry) with a brush with…

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For a long time now, despite a normal appetite, I feel like a kind of disgust for food.   I have no pain anywhere or anything but I have often after eating an unpleasant sensation.. Through a naturopath I had the recommendation to do a liver drainage.   What is a liver drainage?   Liver and gallbladder cleansing is a…

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We all know the benefits of sauna but unless you live in Finland, many of us do not have the chance to have it at home. But did you know the FACIAL SAUNA? As the name suggests iti is a specific sauna for a part of our body: the face. There are several methods to have a facial sauna: –…

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Used widely in Chinese medicine, ginger is also a medicinal plant that has many properties: – Aphrodisiac – Aromatic – Anti diarrhea – Antispasmodic – Anti-inflammatory – Antiseptic – Antiviral – Balsamic – Soothing cephalic – Cholagoque – Digestive – Emmenagogue – Febrifuge – Pectoral – Sedative – Stimulating – Tonic – Vermifuge And yes all that! But in addition,…

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It is so simple that I wonder why I did not do it often at all before! Today I want to talk to you about foot baths. Easy to do and so effective, here are some foot baths récipes to achieve according to your expected results and especially the reasons that push you to need them. After a long day…

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Glas Zitroensaft


Many of you have already heard about this simple practice, economic and so beneficial to your health but what are the real consequences of drinking lemon (preferably organic) with hot water (better warm in order not to et the body to work too hard) in the morning on an empty stomach (again, preferably in the morning to start properly the…

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Coconut oil on a bamboo mat


What is the oil pulling?  The oil pulling is an ancient remedy used in Ayurveda medicine , which aims to promote oral health by removing toxins and bacteria , improving the health of the gums , whitening teeth and freshening breath. What are the expected results? Mainly that improves the overall condition of the mouth eliminating germs that are part of…

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