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This is the story of a chef who, at the age of 15, professionally exercised his passion that became his profession. Stuart Rogan has traveled extensively all over the world and rubbed shoulders with all kinds of cuisine from a Michelin-starred hotel to a mini-restaurant with six tables in a garage. All his experiences have allowed him to open this…

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I think it is no longer a surprise for those who consult my instagram to say that I like to eat and well! That’s why as soon as I have the opportunity and especially during my travels I always look for the rare pearl at the gastronomic level. And it was during a trip to Huesca in Spain that I…

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While in Lisbon, I had the good fortune to stay very close to the wonderful little restaurant LUZBOA. On the menu, typical Portuguese dishes revisited with taste and finesse with a very nice family kitchen decoration. No furniture was bought, they all come from the homes of the parents of the bosses. The boss will always find a table even…

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It is in Belgium that I take you today and more particularly on the coast of the North Sea in Ostend. There I came across Mordan’s organic store. You tell me, it’s becoming normal to find organic stores everywhere. Certainly! But Mordan is a very special store. Aside from its wide variety of products, it also has a deli and…

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This time I take you to Brussels and more particularly to LES SAVONS DE LYNA (Lyna’s soaps). What I like about them is that they prefer local products and their French neighbor. It will not be a big surprise for you to know that you will find an impressive selection of soaps. But not only! You will also find a…

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My stay in French Brittany was rich in emotions and discoveries ! One of this is called « Les Nénettes ». « Les Nénettes » is a duo, a mother and an daughter Sylvie and Eve Cardon. One (the mother) was a graphic designer and the other (the daughter) a pastry cook/chocolate maker. They started working together and created these funny and extremely good chocolates…

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This time I am taking you to Cape Town in South Africa. In this marvelous city, I came through with a rather special place. Today I want to talk about TRUTH COFFEE. In that place, the coffee is roasted by hand in a vintage iron battery. The coffee is so good that they provide most of the high standard hotels…

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While I am writing these few lines I am in the heart of Mexico but before that I went through Playa del Carmen. For those who do not know yet Playa del Carmen, I invite you to check it online.. I know, right? A paradise in the Riviera Maya bordered by the Caribbean Sea. What else? Well, we can ask…

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I recently returned form a trip to Finland and who says Finland says cold, cocooning, design (at least in my head!) Well I can say I was not disappointed! During a visit to Helsinki I found this wonderful shop LAPUAN KANKURIT. The Lapuan Kankurit products tell a story of love for the good job done, leading Finnish designers, concern for…

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Today I take you to France and more precisely to Arcangues, a wonderful place on the French Basque coast. It was down there that I knew a practice that it was totally unknown for me before thanks to Laurence Sanchez. Laurence Sanchez is certified in the Gyrotonic Expansion System, a stretching-based muscle building technique based on stretching that originates from…

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