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I know, it’s been a while since I came back from New Zealand but I forgot to tell you about a very innovative scientific biological beauty brand from New Zealand as indicated on their web page: ANTIPODES. Indeed ANTIPODES bases its skincare and make-up on a cutting-edge combination of high quality ingredients from New Zealand nature and raw super-fruit extracts…

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Manuka honey

I could not go to New Zealand without tasting the famous Manuka honey! Manuka honey has a very good reputation around the world because of its remarkable taste but also because of its antioxidant, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. I have often read that Manuka honey is very strongly recommended to prevent and cure common diseases such as bronchitis, colds, tonsillitis,…

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I am quite a fan of ambitious and creative projects in general. Different crowfounding platforms that I consult allow everyone to have access to them. I had previously bet on a product of Chinese students THE INFINITY PILLOW. This time I present you a product that comes from Australia: THE VERY GOOD BRA. As you can see in the photo,…

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I think you already know my obsession with smells and even more for good smells! It is quite by chance that I discovered the perfume concept BON PARFUMEUR Attracted first of all by its clean and minimal aesthetics, it is especially its smell and its concept, which made me crack. BON PARFUMEUR is a range of fragrances that allows everyone…

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Let’s talk about a multi-purpose product that has been around for a long time and that I just knew not so long ago: CASTILLE SOAP   Castile soap has been around for hundreds of years and was made in northern Spain from animal fat. In the Kingdom of Castles (Castille) they were made with olive oil. It is difficult nowadays,…

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It is said that by planting Moringa trees, we could eradicate hunger in the world! I will explain why this plant has this reputation. Failing to plant a tree, I tested for you the moringa and I tell you everything: In the Moringa tree one can use its leaves, roots, flowers and seeds. It is a tree that is rich…

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I wanted to talk about a good investment I made recently and the results were not too long to appear.   I present you the WASHING BALLS.   These are rubber Little balls equipped with a magnetic steel core to prevent crystallization and limescale in the washing machine.   The washing balls have several benefits:   – Reduce water and…

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I absolutely wanted to talk to you about a vegetable oil that I knew two years ago and which fascinates me and that I use daily in cutaneous application:   The vegetable oil of Macadamia.   It comes from a tree Macadamier whose name is a tribute to the Australian botanist John Macadam. Originally from northeastern Australia, this nut is…

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Here is a product that has become indispensable in my life especially since I use oils more and more frequently! I want to talk about the TERRES OF SOMMIÈRES.   Quite unknown to the general public, the TERRE OF SOMMIÈRES is a 100% natural product because it is clay from the village of Sommières near Montpellier, in France. It is…

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It is with great pleasure that I tell you about my last discovery (and yes, we learn every day) THE GINSENG.   So, above all, what is it?   It is a medicinal plant of great renown in Asia. Chinese doctors view Asian ginseng as a tonic of Qi, the source of “life energy”.   What are the benefits of…

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